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The fastest and preferred path for new immigrants into Canada is the Express Entry.


Introduction To : Express Entry To Canada

Express Entry is an electronic process which involves the Canadian federal government, provincial governments, and Canadian employers.
There are 3 main categories for express entry.

To meet local labour market needs, Provinces and Territories may acquire candidates through the Provincial Nomineee Program (PNP)

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Agri-Food Pilot​

Agri-Food Immigration Pilot is catered to essential workers in the Agri-Food Industry.

The program started accepting applications in May 2020 and will be available until May 2023.


Caregiver Program

Eligible caregivers can apply to become Home Child Care Providers and Home Support Workers.

Both these pilot programs are pathways to obtaining Permanent Residence while providing essential services to families with young children, and to elderly or disabled persons.


Express Entry

The Express Entry process lets foreign nationals become Permanent Residents of Canada based on their age, education, language skills, work experience and other factors.


Provincial Nominee Program

Canadian provinces and territories have unique Provincial Nomination Programs, with different requirements and process for selecting their candidates for immigration.


Rural & Northern Immigration Pilot

Smaller cities throughout Canada use a job-offer based immigration stream to attract eligible foreign works into their communities.

Applicants must meet federal eligibility requirements and those set out by the community.


Sponsor a Family Member

Canada is one of the few destinations that offers sponsorships for family reunification. 

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