If your entry visa into Canada has been refused or your application for Permanent Residency (PR) has been denied, it could be due to issues of “Inadmissibility”. An applicant can be found inadmissible to Canada for several reasons, such as a prior criminal record, medical issues, misrepresentations in the documents submitted to the immigration authorities (IRCC or CBSA). Additionally, immigration authorities may believe that there are security risks or other unfavorable factors that have a negative influence on their decision. 

Once found to be “inadmissible” to Canada, an officer’s perceived issues with your application must be addressed quickly if you want to succeed. We assess every client based on their unique facts and circumstances before offering options to address refusals. We make every effort to overcome all inadmissibility concerns. It is important to note though that some inadmissibility factors cannot be overcome. Please contact our firm if you would like to discuss your appeal options.

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