LMIA - Temporary Work Permit


Before a Canadian employer can hire a foreign national / foreign worker, the company has to show the government that they tried to hire a local person but found no one who was suitable for the job, and that hiring a foreign national will not have a negative impact on the Canadian economy, and so on. The process of gathering this information and sending it to Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) is the LMIA process.

Canada Temporary Work Permit

If you are an Employer interested in hiring Foreign Nationals to manage ongoing labour shortages, we will help you understand the LMIA process and facilitate the application for you so that you can hire the number of workers that you need in the coming months to keep your business running smoothly.

If you are a Foreign National looking for employment in Canada, we will help you obtain the necessary Work Permit so that you can accept your Job Offer without delay.


In most cases, a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) must be received by a Canadian employer to allow a temporary foreign worker to enter Canada. However in certain scenarios, the need for this LMIA could be waived.

Working In Canada Without A LMIA

Under some provincial programs and based on the worker’s skill, a Canadian company may be able to offer employment without completing the LMIA process. Moreover, you may be eligible to get a work permit as Post-Graduate student in Canada, coming for a Working Holiday in Canada, as the Spouse of a Canadian and so on.



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Intra Company Transfer

Using this permit, a company or enterprise may bring certain employees from an office abroad to Canada, without the need for a LMIA.


Owner/Operator Work Permits

This work permit allows the majority of company owners a facilitated route to gaining the right to work legally in Canada.

Significant Benefit Work Visa
Individuals with unique business ideas or with specialized skills may qualify for the Significant Benefit Work Visa.

Start-Up Visa

Entrepreneurs who will receive support, may apply for the Start-Up Visa


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